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Our Equipment

A fleet of over 350 trucks and trailers

Our priority is to travel the road with the safest and most cutting-edge equipment. To achieve this, we invest in the constant renewal of our fleet.

Environmental concerns are top of mind for us, so we have equipped our trucks and trailers with systems that meet the most stringent industry standards. You can count on us to deliver your goods in the best conditions while minimizing our energy footprint.

We work in partnership with leading mechanical services for the maintenance of our trucks and trailers.

Having trucks with MRT’s logo on the roads makes us proud, but serving you makes our day.


Our tractors

90 tractors at your disposal

  • Tracking and communication system based on ISAAC technology
  • Refrigerator
  • Inverter to convert power from 12 V to 110 V
  • Auxiliary heating system

Our trailers

260 two-axle or three-axle dry box trailers

  • 53-foot models
  • 110-inch height with double floor construction and air suspension
  • Heated trailers
  • 30-foot trailers with tail gate for local delivery

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