Lumber transport in Quebec and Ontario

Your partners in lumber transport

At MRT, we adapt to the needs of our clients and partners. As our roads often travel between the North of Quebec and Ontario, we’ve worked with our business partners to develop a solid understanding and expertise of the lumber industry and the transportation needs specific to it. We optimize our routes in order to reduce delays and costs and provide the most efficient plan for your projects.

While complying with regulations, we guarantee quick, cost-effective and secure shipments of your wood and lumber cargo. With over 22 years in the industry, we possess the expertise and the staff to assist you in all your transportation needs.

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An experienced workforce

Our experienced team is made up of passionate professionals from the transport industry. Our team will provide an optimal route that is well-planned and orchestrated, resulting in a quick and cost-effective delivery.


Your lumber cargo requires international transport or specialized equipment. Truck, plane, train or boat, we provide the equipment, partners and staff to guarantee a successful shipment, whatever your destination!


Access to our terminals and warehouses are secured with cutting-edge security measures. Our logistics network is expansive, unmatched in its reach and speed. Furthermore, we take every measure possible to maintain a safe and secure experience.

Lumber transport without borders

With the tools, knowledge and experienced team at MRT, we are your partner of choice in lumber transport. Our team of professionals will be happy to work with you and guarantee your lumber arrives on time and at competitive rates, whether the destination is North America or anywhere in the world.

Wherever your destination may be, we’ll plan the optimal route so your shipment arrives on time. We’ve built our reputation on unmatched service and know-how and our logistics and communication departments remain at your disposal.

To learn more about our services or to speak to a transport specialist, call us at 819 762-2620, 877 762-2620 or fill out our online form for a quick and easy quote for your lumber project.

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