Logistics service in Quebec and Ontario

Supply chain management and transport management

The strategic geographical location of our supply chain terminals covering Quebec and Ontario allows us to stand out among the logistics industry by offering outstanding service and coverage. MRT constructed its logistics infrastructure through over 22 years of real-world experience in the industry. With our experience and network, we are equipped to offer you a turnkey logistics service from pick-up to delivery. You can rely on our logistics.

Our logistics experts can assist you with a custom suite of solutions adapted to your specific needs and your schedule, always at competitive rates.

Free yourself of complex tasks by working with industry leaders.

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Our expertise stems from our experience; over 22 years in transportation has helped us develop a thorough understanding of the industry, an experienced and knowledgeable staff as well as an international network of partners. Our assets and our experience are always at your disposal.


From the transportation, storage, regulatory specifications, we guarantee a smooth ride. Our logistics experts have the experience and expertise to take the right decision at every step of the process.

Supply chain

By focusing on communication and drawing from our extensive experience, we know how to strengthen every link of the supply chain in order to provide a seamless and efficient experience. By road, intermodal, air or sea, your merchandise is in good hands.

A global network

Transport, whether national or international, presents unique challenges. With over 22 years of experience and a team of over 130 professionals from all spheres of the transportation industry, MRT is well positioned to guarantee incomparable service and a successful shipment.

However small or large the volume of your merchandise, whatever its type, we are well equipped to serve you at consistently competitive rates. We work with a network of global partners in order to secure your cargo and always trace the optimal route to your destination. To learn more about our services and ask for a quote, you can always reach us at 819 762-2620, 877 762-2620 or fill out our online form for a quick and easy quote.

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