Freight Broker

Freight broker servicing

Optimizing the services available to our clients is the primary destination of MRT. Your needs are unique, you benefit from our undivided attention in order to guarantee the transportation you require meets your needs and standards.

Your transport needs are in Canada, the United States or as far away as China, Brazil or anywhere in the world?

Our logistics team at MRT will exceed your expectations, whether its a partial (LTL) load or a full (FTL) cargo. No destination is beyond our reach and no type of transport is beyond our means.

Our team of specialists in transport brokerage are at your disposal and work with our strategic partners to produce the most efficient route and method to transport your merchandise.

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A network of partners

Our primary goal is to serve you well, and so we will always find the ideal route to guarantee the delivery of your merchandise, whether by our fleet of experienced drivers or by working with our partners.

No borders

The world is your destination. We guarantee the arrival of your cargo throughout the world. Whether by road, plane, train or boat, your merchandise will get there safely, securely and at a competitive cost.


Our team takes every precaution to offer you secure services while conforming to regulations and laws. With MRT, your merchandise is transported with experienced drivers that meet the highest safety requirements in the industry.

International brokerage services

Our in-depth understanding of the industry, earned through over 22 years of experience in transportation, is sure to serve your needs efficiently. Secure, fast and well-planned, the road your shipment travels will be optimized to reduce delays and costs.

We work with partners from around the globe and can assist you in any type of transport : by truck, by train, by plane or by boat, your merchandise is in good hands.

For more information or to speak to a specialist and find out what transportation options are available, call us at 819 762-2620, 877 762-2620 or fill out our online form for a quick and easy method to get a quote.

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